Best Fishing Accessory – Fish Ring Pliers

The fine art of split ring systems

Halco Fish Ring Pliers are what is used by Halco staff in the factory on a daily basis. To see how they work so well, check out the video. These Fish Ring Pliers took out the Best Accessory at 2013 AFTA trade show.

Being a company with over 60 years of manufacturing under the belt, Halco Tackle puts millions of split rings on lures each year. With over 60 years of lure making under the belt, the split ring system is a fine art that has been developed and refined by the iconic Australian lure company.

After years under wraps in the warehouse, genuine fishos can now buy the ultimate Fish Ring Pliers used in-house for fast effective changes on the water. The patented Halco Fish Ring Pliers are made of hardened tool steel, and specifically designed not to simply stretch open the ring, but to gently open and enable a solid grip of the ring, all while rotating it onto the lure or hook without any of the associated stretching that is so common with nearly all other plier designs.

Halco’s fish ring pliers are designed to work from the tiny #2 fish rings (Scorpion 35 models) all the way up to large #7XX rings, used on the Roosta 195 Haymaker. These pliers are versatile enough to also be used on any other type split ring with equal results.

If you are yet to try our fish ring pliers they are worth giving a go. Many fishermen who have used traditional split ring pliers their whole lives are now preferring to use our fish ring pliers. They won’t damage or stretch your split rings which means the longevity of your lures will be improved and the chances of losing the fish of a life time due to gear failure are decreased!

Available at all good tackle stores.