Halco Hard Body Lures

Trolling, jigging, popping, and blooping.
We pride ourselves on award-winning, high quality, and versatile lures for every angler. Halco has a range of lure series, all of which are initially designed at HQ in Western Australia. All Halco lure designs are subject to a diverse range of testing in order to develop the most accurate swimming performance in all weather and speeds. To learn more about our research and development process, subscribe to our newsletter for updates and insights.

Halco Laser Pro

Often recognised as the world's best Bluewater trolling lure, the Laser Pro is a must have for novice and expert anglers alike. Checkout the entire...
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Halco Slidog

If you’re into launching a lure over the horizon and looking for that bone-jarring, nerve-rattling strike as you rip it back – then look no furt...
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Halco Max

This cutting edge bibles minnow can do the lot, be it jigging, casting or trolling. Max has a highly streamlined design that gives the lure unbe...
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Halco Roosta Popper

The Halco Roosta is on the cutting edge of modern popper design, with significant new innovations that improve the action and stability of th...
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Halco C-Gar

AFTA Best of Show Award: Tackle Trade Show 2014 The Halco C-Gar is a weighted stick bait. It is designed for use on the surface for species such a...
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Halco Skimstick

AFTA Best Hard Lure Award- Tackle Trade Show 2013 The Skim Stick is a totally unique and innovative design concept for blue water anglers. This su...
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Halco Night Walker

A surface crawling creature that “walks” across the surface similar to a frog or distressed rodent. The Night Walker and Night Walker Nano are rea...
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RMG Poltergeist

The best crash diver range of cast and retrieve lures available. Sporting a unique shuffling action, the Poltergeist is ideal for both fresh and...
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Halco Hamma

The Halco Hamma minnow lure is the new frontier of lure technology. It is a clear-bodied, controlled rise casting lure supploed with multiple easi...
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