Choosing Lure Colours

Choosing lure colours is one of the most important decisions any lure fisherman has to make. Anglers have been known to switch colours again and again and again until they find something that is working in the specific conditions that they are in. Having a range of lures in unique colour combinations ensures your gear will cover a range of fishing environments. Halco develop their colour range yearly, and there’s always new combinations or paint and colouring techniques emerging. This video talks about choosing a lure colour that works.

The Liquid Lime H81 colour was designed by Tim Carter, and developed to thrive in dirty and discoloured water. It is a high-contrast lure for tropical waters, and also produces a flash from the chrome belly for predators sitting in the water column. The red chin also acts as a strike-trigger.

The Liquid Lime models also have an incredibly unique feature- it is designed to bleed. This means, the older the lure gets, the better it gets! Take a look at the video for more information. Jump onto our Youtube Channel to check out more videos like this one!

If you need help choosing lure colours, send us a message and we’ll get back to you with our best recommendations!