How To Fish with Madeye Soft Plastic Lures

How to fish with Madeye soft plastic lures

Micah Adams (Adventure Angler) joined Halco for a week of intense fishing action. The team explored a range of unique fishing spots throughout the Abrolhos Islands, testing out our new Halco Madeyes soft plastic range.

After huge success at the 2016 Halco Abrolhos Islands Fishing Tournament, the Halco team has found themselves heading back to Western Australia’s Coral Coast- this time, with Adventure Angler, Micah Adams, joining the crew.

In the last month we have been working on the production of a highly anticipated addition to the new Madeyes soft plastic range- a 7 inch Paddle Prawn.

In addition to the 3 inch & 5 inch Paddle Prawn, the all new 7 inch version allows anglers to take it up a notch for quality offshore fishing. Available in 5 colours, this 7″ Madeyes Paddle Prawn features new two-tone colour combos.

The Madeyes Octoskirt is a great all-rounder. Layer it on the Twisty Jig, the Paddle Prawns, or set up a paternoster rig, ideal for combining bait with your soft plastic for optimal results. The new large Paddle Prawn is available in Glow Chartreuse, Fusion Fowl, Pearl, Tequila Sunrise and Pink Glow.

WATCH: Part 1 Deep Water Jigging with soft plastics, presented by Jadon Wilder and Ben Patrick: click here.  Halco Madeye lures are available in stores around Australia and the international market. Like our Facebook page for more information.

You can catch Micah & the new series of Adventure Angler on Foxsports at 6pm on Wednesday night and again over the weekend.