Catch Scent

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 Available in Freshwater and Saltwater versions

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Catch Scent

Formulated to rigid specifications, the Halco Catch Scent is bait additive that uses real fish pheromones to attract fish to your bait.

Adding an effective catch scent to your lure or soft plastic bait could be the difference between a slow day on the water and a successful fishing session. Real fish pheromones make this product an undoubtedly effective catch scent, and has been proven to attract more fish to your line.

This easy to use catch scent by Halco comes in a good sized 50g tube. It is simply squirted onto the jig skirt, smeared on your lure, or for larger baits shot into the gill cavities and eye sockets.

The best way to make your artificial lures and bait smell natural is to use an effective Catch Scent by Halco.


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