Snap Traces

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11 Inch 20lb 30lb 40lb 60lb 80lb 100lb
20 Inch 20lb 30lb 40lb 60lb 80lb 100lb 150lb
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Snap Traces

Halco Snap Wire Traces
(6 per packet)

A strong Crane Swivel and a Coastlock Snap are crimped to 6 clear Nylon coated seven strand stainless steel wire traces. Available in 2 lengths- 11 inch and 20 inch.

This clear coated 7-strand stainless steel wire is sealed from water, increasing the lifespan of the line and providing additional protection against sharp-teethed fish. The Cane Swivel can easily be attached to either monofilament or braid line and the Coastlock snap is ideal for rapid lure change out on the water or when rock fishing. A Game Fishing must-have, the Halco Snap Trace is flexible and strong when targeting species like Mackerel or Wahoo. Stop losing lures with the Halco Snap Trace, ideal for trolling offshore.

The strong Snap Wire Trace has a line rating of 20 to 150 pounds and is available in either 11-inch or 20-inch lengths.


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