Stainless Steel Welded Rings

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20 per packet 

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Stainless Steel Welded Rings

20 Per Packet – 9mm OD – SSR

Halco Stainless Steel Welded Rings are used for joining lines, leaders and traces. They act as a ‘termination point’, and are exceptionally strong. Adding a welded ring to your line adds superior strength when connecting your leader to line. Halco stainless steel Welding Rings resist abrasion from wire lines and will not cut through softer lines like split rings can.

Choosing a sturdy stainless steel welding ring gives you maximum line abrasion resistance and increases knot strength. Halco’s Stainless Steel Welding Rings also have the finest of welds for reliable and long term performance. 9mm OD and 20 per packet.



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